Shodan: showcasing lack of IoT security

Charlie Osborne has an article in ZDNet about Shodan a search engine focused on non-existant security IoT:

Shodan: The IoT search engine for watching sleeping kids and bedroom antics

Shodan has made it even easier for our inner voyeur to spy upon the open webcams of homes across the world — but are the ramifications more pronounced than idle surveillance? Launched in 2013, Shodan is a search engine used to find Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices around the world. Webcams, security systems and routers are only some of the devices which, once connected to the Web, can offer a glimpse into our lives behind locked doors should poor security turn the key. Unfortunately, despite a steep rise in home Internet connectivity and the use of connected home devices — from lighting to cameras — and IoT-based vehicles, security comes up short. […]

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