EDK2 issue tracking

The Tianocore project, the open source subset of the UEFI Forum’s private UEFI implementation, is talking about getting an issue tracking system:

Excerpting from the initial thread on the topic:

The built-in issue tracking system that comes with GitHub isn’t sufficient to satisfy a key requirement.  There needs to be support for multiple Tianocore-related programs.  As you know Intel has a system today that’s internal to Intel where we track issues.  That does not meet the needs of the community.  And to help improve transparency, and better engage with the community I’m driving the discussion and bring up of a bug tracking system. The goal is to have one operational by March 21, 2016 (WW13).  We’re 6 weeks and counting from that deadline.  I’m interested in community feedback, gathering requirements, and feedback on proposals for which system to use. We’re going to transform issue tracking on Tianocore a transparent, community driven behavior. Key requirements for the system include (but not limited to):
* OSS (does not have to be free)
* Ability to bulk import/export databases, data (CSV)
* Secure, ability to shield sensitive issues
* Group credential management
* Supports mobile views (phone/tablet)
* Ability to generate reports
* Can be used to generate quick tasks for community members (e.g. Find a Task)
* Integrate with GitHub

Speak up if you have input. More info:

(I’m hoping they also going to spend some time spend some time updating the Tianocore Security Advisories. They have only done 2 of them, and it has been over a year since those have been published. I expect there are a few Tianocore issues that are merit security advisories, but nobody is spending time to publish new advisories.)

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