Minnowboard is part of GSoC16

The Minnowboard project is part of the Google Summer of Code project. If you are a student, this might be a good opportunity for you to start on a new project. There’s dozens of things that should be done with coreboot, U-Boot, UEFI, SeaBIOS.

According to the wiki, students will get a Minnowboard Turbot, and some cables.

The MinnowBoard project is an open hardware platform that uses Intel Architecture. While the project, overall, is focused on hardware there are a lot of things surrounding this effort that can, and are, useful both to the project and to the greater open source community. As such the MinnowBoard project (from a GSoC perspective) is more of an umbrella giving a home to a number of other projects to collectively work on and around the enablement of the MinnowBoard. These projects not only help the MinnowBoard project, but also enable other open source projects and software. These tend to be smaller projects or projects that are more tightly focused and would not otherwise be apart of GSoC, but that could benefit from additional contributors.

More information:


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