Hardware Startups have no concept of security

Someone needs to help slap the ecosystem that is spitting out Hardware Startups. They are completely ignoring security. Hardware Workshop is an example, look at how security is missing from their training:


Hardware Workshop is a series of two day workshops for hardware startup founders. Taught by experienced builders our purpose is simple: help founders build better companies. We started Hardware Workshop as a side project three years ago to give back to the startup community. Being hardware entrepreneurs ourselves we understood and appreciated the challenges in turning an idea into a successful startup. We are humbled to have helped over 1K hardware startups with their journey.

What Is Taught?
Each workshop varies slightly in content depending on the teachers available, but we generally teach key lessons from idea to shipping a successful product. The topics we generally cover include:

    Hardware Product Development Process
    Prototyping, Prototyping, Prototyping
    Launching A New Product
    Building Press Relationships
    Picking a Supplier
    IP and Patents
    Funding A Hardware Startup
    Building An Initial Team
    Consumer Distribution
    B2B Distribution
    Founder Panel


Also see agenda for the other related event:


If you know these entrepreneurs, please help the IoT by getting security added to these agendas.

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