Firmware Test Suite 16.02.00 is released

Ivan Hu of Canonical has announced the release of FirmWare Test Suite (FWTS) version 16.02.00.

New Features:
  * ACPICA: Update to version 20160212 (LP: #1545099)
  * Full ACPI compliance testing for the FADT
   * FADT: enable compiling on non-x86 architectures
   * FADT: non-x86 machines need an FADT but x86 can survive without one
   * FADT: disable SCI_EN and RESET_REG tests when in reduced hardware mode
   * FADT: add in code to log basic info about the various FADT flag fields
   * Add in bit masks for FACS flags.
   * FADT: move log info out of test2, will provide it elsewhere
   * ACPI: Add hypervisor ID field to FADT.
   * FADT: minor cleanup and initial compliance tests
   * FADT: expand the compliance test for FIRMWARE_CTRL fields
   * FADT: expand compliance checks for DSDT and X_DSDT fields
   * FADT: add compliance tests for reserved fields, PM profile, reduced hardware
   * FADT: restructure test sequence around reduced hardware mode
   * FADT: expand compliance tests for the SMI_CMD field
   * FADT: add compliance tests for the ACPI_ENABLE and ACPI_DISABLE fields
   * FADT: add compliance tests for S4BIOS_REQ and PSTATE_CNT fields
   * FADT: extend and add PM address block compliance tests
   * FADT: enhance compliance tests for GPE blocks
   * FADT: add compliance test for the CST_CNT field
   * FADT: add in compliance tests for C2/C3 latency fields
   * FADT: add in SLEEP_CONTROL_REG and SLEEP_STATUS_REG compliance tests
   * FADT: remove no longer useful variables from test1
   * FADT: add safety checks for older versions of FADT
  * acpi: method: add _PMC test
  * acpi: method: add _PRT test
  * acpi: method: add _RDI test
  * acpi: method: add _LPI test
  * data: klog.json: update to sync with 4.6 kernel changes

See the changelog or full announcement for the list of fixed bug:

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