AMD microcode issue impacts Linux

[…] It happens only with 0x6000832 ucode, and Piledriver-based CPUs: i.e. newer AMD FX, and Opteron 300 series (4300, 6300 etc.). The visible effects are in ~80% of cases incorrect RSP leading to bad ‘rets’ into kernel data/bss or stack-protector faults. But there are also more elusive ones, like registers being cleared before use in indirect memory fetches or so. I can trigger it from within qemu guest (non-root), causing bad RIP in the host kernel. When testing, a couple of times (maybe 2) out of maybe 30 seen oopses, I was able to set it to user-space addresses mapped in the guest. It greatly depends on timing, but I think with some more effort and populating kernel stack with guest addresses it’d be possible to create a more reliable qemu-guest to host ring0 escape. I CC’d some AMD engineers from this list, and on of them replied with “We are working on the final testing of a new microcode patch to replace 0x06000832.” but without specifying any errata no, or ETA for the new ucode. […]

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