FreeBSD 10.3.b3 adds new commands to UEFI boot loader

Marius Strobl of the FreeBSD project has announced the 10.3-BETA3 FreeBSD. In terms of UEFI, there are two new UEFI bootloader commands, ‘gop‘ and ‘uga‘:

 Two new commands have been added to the amd64 framebuffer driver
  of the UEFI boot loader.  The first is `gop` (as in Graphics Output
  Protocol), which allows to diagnose problems with efifb(4) but also
  to set the current graphics mode on machines employing GOP.  With
  `uga` (as in Universal Graphics Adapter), it is possible to do the
  same on systems using the UGA protocol, which mainly translates to
  Apple hardware.  The latter change also generally introduced UGA
  support and currently hardcodes the necessary settings for mid-2007
  iMacs (iMac7,1) and late-2007 MacBooks (MacBook3,1).  But it is
  likewise possible to manually supply the necessary information for
  additional systems.

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