Thinkpad password bypass hardware

Some friends of mine are gathering up some old IBM Thinkpads from a recycling center, to refurbish them with Libreboot. It reminds me how much fixing end-user problems are like attacking a system. One of the Thinkpads had multiple passwords that had to be bypassed, so it could be used.

There’s a password bypass solution for Thinkpads that involves custom hardware:

“Joe in Australia offers the only Affordable Fully Assembled, Programmed and Tested unlimited use USB based ThinkPad Supervisor Password [SVP] Recovery or Clear Tools in the world.  Joe’s KeyMaker X1 [KMX1] and X2 [KMX2] can Recover or Clear Supervisor Password from all current IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad models with the exception of the SL300 SL400 SL500 G550 T*40 X*40 X1 Carbon (Gen 2) it can do this even if TPM/TCPA/PC8394T/8356908 security has been enabled. SL300 SL400 SL500 G550 T*40 X*40 X1 Carbon (Gen 2) do NOT store Supervisor Password [SVP] in an EEPROM, that is the reason the SVP cannot be recovered in those models from an EEPROM by KMX1 or KMX2.”

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