Nikolaj Schlej audits Intel Quark BSP

William Leara of Dell has a new blog post about Nikolaj Schlej’s new blog post analyzing Intel Quark’s BSP:

Another tip of the cap to Nikolaj Schlej, this time for an interesting article where he examined the Intel Quark Board Support Package (BSP) source code with the static source code analyzer PVS-Studio. The Intel Quark is an SoC used in embedded systems applications.  For example, it runs the Intel Galileo family of development boards.  Galileo is a small computer board comparable to the Arduino family of products, and is targeted to maker and educational customers. The BSP is a set of documentation and EDKII source code that allows a developer to build his own bootable firmware image for the Quark. Nikolaj discovered many serious problems, and I found it educational to read through them.  This is helpful so that you can discover the typical mistakes people make in UEFI development, and also so that you won’t make the same mistakes yourself! […]

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