FlashROM 0.9.9 released

After a year since the last release, FlashROM 0.9.9 has been released. Excerpt from announcement follows:

New major user-visible features:
 * Allow to link flashrom statically (with make CONFIG_STATIC=yes)
 * Ease debugging of build problems with libraries
    – Output way more debug information to build_details.txt
    –  Provide list of set make configuration variables that make builds fail
    –  Allow to easily disable groups of programmers depending on a library (make CONFIG_ENABLE_LIBUSB0_PROGRAMMERS=no CONFIG_ENABLE_LIBUSB1_PROGRAMMERS=no CONFIG_ENABLE_LIBPCI_PROGRAMMERS=no)
 * Ignore 0x00 as a flash chip manufacturer ID in the generic match to avoid ambiguous messages
 * Various improvements for serprog-based programmers
 * Support arbitrary UART baud rates on Windows

New chips:
 * ESI ES25P40, ES25P80 and ES25P16
 * GigaDevice GD25VQ41B and GD25Q128C
 * More GigaDevice GD25LQ chips (GD25LQ40, GD25LQ80, GD25LQ16, GD25LQ64(B), GD25LQ128)
 * PMC Pm25LQ020, Pm25LQ040, Pm25LQ080, Pm25LQ016, Pm25LQ032C
 * Sanyo LE25FU406C/LE25U40CMC
 * SST SST25WF020A, SST25WF040B, SST25WF080B
 * Winbond W29C512A/W29EE512

Infrastructural improvements and fixes:
 * Add support for libftdi1 (previous libftdi support still in place for backward compatibility but will eventually be removed)
 * Add infrastructure for libusb1 and use it for new programmers (existing code will be migrated from libusb0 continuously in the future)
 * Many cross-platform and cross-architecture improvements:
   – Fix compilation on OSX and Solaris-based systems
   – Add support for musl libc
   – Use nanosleep() instead of usleep() where available (enables building with uclibc)
   – Support compilation on Android (bionic libc)
 * Rigorously check integrity of I/O stream data (e.g. to notice full filesystems when writing flash data to a file)

Full announcement:

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