UEFI support for TCG OVAL passwords

Eric Dong of Intel has submitted an 8-part patch to enable TCG OPAL password support in UEFI:

Enable Opal password solution: These patches used to enable opal password solution in BIOS. Opal feature defined in TCG storage Opal spec. This opal solution is a sample driver shows how to use opal feature in bios. It enables user to config opal feature in the setup page and popup dialog to let user unlock device in boot phase. It auto unlock opal device in S3 resume phase.

  MdePkg: Add definition for TCG Storage Core and Opal specs.
  SecurityPkg: TcgStorageCoreLib: Add TCG storage core library.
  SecurityPkg: TcgStorageOpalLib: Add TCG storage opal library.
  SecurityPkg: OpalPasswordSupportLib: Add Opal password support
  SecurityPkg: Add library header file definition to package.
  SecurityPkg: OpalPasswordDxe: Add Opal password dxe driver.
  SecurityPkg: OpalPasswordSmm: Add Opal password Smm driver.
  SecurityPkg: Enable Opal password solution build in Security package

 39 files changed, 21524 insertions(+)

For more information:

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