coreboot convention June 13-16, San Francisco

A coreboot convention is in the works for this June in San Francisco area! Excerpt from announcement:

We are going to hold a 4 day coreboot convention in San Francisco, CA, Monday June 13 – Thursday June 16. Google has agreed to host two very nice conference rooms for those 4 days and we are also working to get a block of rooms in a nearby hotel for a reasonable rate.

We plan for two days of talks structured talks, followed by two days of informal discussion and classes. We will have the smaller room open for hacking all four days. We’ll provide flashing equipment and other useful tools; let us know what you need.

There will be a fee for this convention – $250 for corporate employees and $100 for students or individual contributors.  If this is an issue, please let us know on the form and we’ll work with you on a fee waiver.

We have set up an outing on Tuesday night to the Long Now Foundation for the first 40 paid registrations (Long Now has space limits) and we’re working on a visit to a local Hackerspace.

Whether you are part of the Open Source community, working for a silicon vendor supporting coreboot already, or are just interested in getting some hands on experience, our goal is to make this an interesting and valuable meeting for all of us.  You are welcome to present talk proposals and subject areas you think we should cover. We will be having a talk on RISC-V from Andrew Waterman of SiFive, classes by senior members of the community, and discussions on future directions.

Full announcement:

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