Intel Tamper Protection Toolkit

Intel has posted a blog post on their Intel Tamper Protection toolkit:

Intel® Tamper Protection Toolkit Helps Protect the Scrypt Encryption Utility against Reverse Engineering

Roman Kazantsev, Denis K., Thaddeus Letnes

This article describes how the Intel® Tamper Protection Toolkit can help protect critical code and valuable data in a password-based encryption utility (Scrypt Encryption Utility) [3] against static and dynamic reverse-engineering and tampering. Scrypt [4] is a modern secure password-based key derivation function that is widely used in security-conscious software. There is a potential threat to scrypt described in [2] when an attacker can force generation of weak keys by forcing use of specific parameters. Intel® Tamper Protection Toolkit can be used to help mitigate this threat. We explain how to refactor relevant code and apply tamper protection to the utility.

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