WinFlashROM: moving hosts

Darmawan Salihun has posted a new blog about WinFlashROM, a Windows port of FlashROM he did, and is moving it from Google Code to Github:

“This is old news because the code haven’t been updated for years. However, it might still relevant for those who want to port flashrom or other similar utility to present day Windows. I haven’t developed Windows driver anymore since Windows Server 2003. I’m not even sure if WDM-style driver is still in use in Windows. But, I might be returning to develop Windows driver this year. So, yeah, you (and I) never know.”

More information:

(I haven’t looked into this, but I wonder if the CHIPSEC HAL for Windows (and Linux) might be useful in such a port. At least the kernel driver is maintained by Intel….)

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