IPMIPWN came out 2 months ago and I missed it. 😦 IPMIPWN’s readme excerpt:

IPMI cipher 0 attack tool

There are a few good tools out there (Metasploit) to help you find and identify the IPMI cipher 0 vulnerability, but because its relatively trivial to exploit I have seen nothing that helps you pwn it. While it is easy to exploit, I have found I keep having to brush up on commands and junk every time I come across it which is where my tools comes in. My IPMIPWN tool does all the real work for you, it will attempt to exploit the cipher 0 vulnerability using a list of predefined default user accounts and setup an backdoor account with a semi-random username and random password. All successful backdoors are logged in loot.log. This tool works best on Kali, it does require you to have ipmiutils “apt-get install ipmitool” and NMAP installed. Enjoy.

Besides IPMIPWN, and Metasploit, the tools FreeIPMI and IPMItool are also worth checking out. There is an IPMI Util  tool for Windows, and an Intel IPMI tool for MS-DOS, both of which I have not tried out.

If you are new to IPMI security, start here:

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