It is great to see a new Capstone-based project, like this.

PolyHook – The C++11 x86/x64 Hooking Library: A modern, universal, c++ hooking library. It’s often useful to modify the behavior of an application at runtime when access to the source code is not available. To do this people have traditionally relied on libraries such as Microsoft Detours, Minhook, and a few others. Each of these libraries has significant drawbacks however. Detours is x86 only unless a ‘Professional’ liscense is used, but that costs USD $10000. Minhook is pretty good but i relies on pre crafted trampoline routines, sometimes fails to hook, and the source code is overly bloated. To me there was only one real solution, write my own library, on my own terms, with the goal of being the smallest, cleanest, easiest hooking library in existance! […]


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