Aclock-EFI: UEFI port of Unix Analog Clock tool

Claunia has written aclock-efi, a UEFI port of aclock, an analock clock.

Aclock is an analog clock program for text mode console displays, terminals, or terminal emulators. This program is obviously absolutely useless, except for turning your old, expensive mainframe or supercomputer into a wall clock. The UNIX source code compiles on everything from AIX to zOS without any changes. Available are Curses, Termcap and AAlib for more modern systems. Provided are also specific, non-unix ports. There is also a vector graphics version for Tektronix 4014/4010 or XTerm/Kermit Tek emulator. This version is a port from the Curses aclock version to EFI Boot Services.



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