SeaBIOS ACPI patch fixing Ubuntu/Windows installs

Bin Meng posted an 18-part patch to the SeaBIOS list, fixing multiple issues that may impact the installation of Ubuntu (only Ubuntu and no other Linux distros??) and Windows:

[PATCH v2 00/18] x86: acpi: Support installation of Ubuntu/Windows and boot Windows

SeaBIOS can be loaded by U-Boot to aid the installation of Ubuntu and Windows to a SATA drive and boot from there. But till now this is broken. The installation either hangs forever or just crashes. This series fixed a bunch of issues that affect the installation of Ubuntu and Windows, and booting Windows.

Testing was performed on MinnowMax by:
– Install Ubuntu 14.04 and boot
– Install Windows 8.1 and boot
– Install Windows 10 and boot

This series is available at u-boot-x86/acpi2-working.

Changes in v2:
– New patch to remove the unnecessary checksum calculation of DSDT
– New patch to remove header length check when writing tables
– New patch to enable SeaBIOS on all boards
– New patch to add GPIO ASL description

Bin Meng (18):
  x86: minnowmax: Adjust U-Boot environment address in SPI flash
  x86: Call board_final_cleanup() in last_stage_init()
  x86: Fix up PIRQ routing table checksum earlier
  x86: Compile coreboot_table.c only for SeaBIOS
  x86: Prepare configuration tables in dedicated high memory region
  x86: Unify reserve_arch() for all x86 boards
  x86: Reserve configuration tables in high memory
  x86: Use high_table_malloc() for tables passing to SeaBIOS
  x86: acpi: Switch to ACPI mode by ourselves instead of requested by OSPM
  x86: acpi: Remove the unnecessary checksum calculation of DSDT
  x86: acpi: Remove header length check when writing tables
  x86: doc: Update information about IGD with SeaBIOS
  x86: baytrail: Enable SeaBIOS on all boards
  x86: doc: Mention Ubuntu/Windows installation and boot support
  acpi: Quieten IASL output when ‘make -s’ is used
  x86: baytrail: Add internal UART ASL description
  x86: baytrail: Add GPIO ASL description
  x86: doc: Add porting hints for ACPI with Windows

For more information, see the U-Boot list:

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