Showalter analysis of HDRoot MBR bootkit

William Showalter has a blog post on the HDRoot MBR bootkit. Abstract below. See the below web site for an additional PDF, and a Github repo of the samples.

A Universal Windows Bootkit: An analysis of the MBR bootkit referred to as “HDRoot”

In October, 2015 Kaspersky released an analysis of a family of malware they dubbed “HDRoot” on their Securelist blog. It was an installment in their ongoing series on the WINNTI group, known for targeting gaming companies in their APT campaigns. The Securelist blog was dismissive of the HDRoot bootkit and called out a number of mistakes they claimed the authors made, which brought it to be the focus of their ridicule. The bootkit in question uses two stolen signing certificates and is capable of running without problem on any Windows system that was released in the last 16 years, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10. The one limitation is that it will only run as an MBR bootkit and will not work on systems using UEFI. It contains the ability to install any backdoor payload to be launched in the context of a system service when Windows starts up on both 32 and 64-bit systems. It also does a fairly good job of concealing the actual bootkit code, only failing to remove the backdoor after running it at boot. […]

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