TJOE: The Journal of Open Engineering begins

On the Open Source Hardware (OSH) Association’s list, Devin Berg Ph.D. of University of Wisconsin – Stout has announced a new online journal, announcement excerpt below. No content yet, they’re waiting for you to submit something! 🙂

Wanted to bring to your attention a new journal that myself and a few others are working on launching called The Journal of Open Engineering. It is a no-fee, open access journal for engineering built on top of the recently announced PubPub platform out of MIT. […] I think this has potential for publishing open hardware designs as a greater array of design documentation can be integrated into the publication itself. PubPub itself is open source and evolving and therefore the TJOE can also evolve and be shaped to enable new content and features in the future.

The Journal of Open Engineering is an fee-free, open-access, peer-reviewed journal targeting all fields and applications of engineering. Open engineering may be viewed as similar to the now ubiquitous model of open source software and the growing trend of open science. The intention is that the entire process of engineering design and development is done in the open for the benefit of not only the intended beneficiaries, but for the benefit of society as a whole. This procedure for conducting engineering design has particular benefits for developing communities who may otherwise not have access to various forms of engineering expertise. With openness in mind, The Journal of Open Engineering provides authors a no-charge venue to publish engineering innovations and takes advantage of rapid dissemination of engineering innovations by immediately publishing relevant articles prior to formal review.

More info:

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