ARM on OEM impact of Android apps on Chromebooks

bfuller has a post ARM’s Android Community blog, with a whitepaper for OEMs on how to deal with Google making Android apps run on ChromeOS systems:

Google on May 19 announced that Android apps are coming to Chromebook. Here is a backgrounder on what the move means for developers, OEMs and consumers. […] The move is likely to have a profound impact on the Chromebook market but also more broadly on clamshell, two-in-one and hybrid form factors. In some ways, the move echoes the impact that the Android development community and ARM ecosystem had in 2009, at the dawn of the smart phone era. What exactly the announcement mean for developers, OEMs and consumers? We’ve posted a detailed article (Android Apps on Chromebook.pdf) that dives into the possibilities and implications of making Android apps available on Chromebooks. Check it out and let us know how the news will affect your work! […]

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