FWTS 16.06.00 released, new ACPI features

Ivan Hu of Canonical.com announced the 16.06.00 release of Firmware Test Suite (FWTS).

New Features in this release include ACPI-related functionality:
  * acpi: method: acpi 6.0 adds USB-C Connection to _UPC
  * acpi: method: add _WPP method test (introduced in ACPI 6.1)
  * acpi: method: add _WPC method test (introduced in ACPI 6.1)
  * ACPICA: Update to version 20160527
  * acpi: hest: Add GHESv2 checking (LP: #1587624)
  * lib: acpi: Add support for HEST GHESv2


There were some bugfixes, in ACPI, IPMI, UEFI, and some other technology areas, see the release notes — or the post on the FWTS list — for the list of bugfixes.

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