exploiting Lenovo firmware, part 2

Cr4sh has written the second article in his series on Lenovo firmware security research:

Exploring and exploiting Lenovo firmware secrets
Hi, everyone! In this article I will continue to publish my research of Lenovo ThinkPad’s firmware. Previously I shown how to discover and exploit SMM callout vulnerabilities on example of SystemSmmAhciAspiLegacyRt UEFI driver 1day vulnerability. Also, I introduced a small toolkit called fwexpl that provides API for comfortable development of firmware exploits for Windows platform. My previous Lenovo exploit was able to execute custom code in SMM, such conditions allow relatively easy bypass of BIOS_CNTL security mechanism which protect firmware code stored inside SPI flash chip on motherboard from unauthorized modifications by operating system (BIOS_CNTL bypass also was discussed in my another article “Breaking UEFI security with software DMA attacks”). In addition to BIOS_CNTL, modern Lenovo computers also use SPI Protected Ranges (aka PRx) flash write protection, so, in this article I will present my generic exploitation technique that allows to bypass PRx and turn arbitrary SMM code execution vulnerability into the flash write protection bypass exploit. This technique also can be applied to UEFI compatible computers of other manufacturers — they all use similar design of specific firmware features that responsible for platform security. In second part of the article I will present a new 0day vulnerability in Lenovo firmware that allows arbitrary SMM code execution on a wide range of Lenovo models and firmware versions including the most recent ones. Exploitation of this vulnerability may lead to the flash write protection bypass, disabling of UEFI Secure Boot, Virtual Secure Mode and Credential Guard bypass in Windows 10 Enterprise and other evil things. […]


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