June Android security update

Google does monthly security updates for Android, but not all carriers take updates [that quickly].


The June update includes multiple hardware-related updates.





Excerpt of acks to researchers from this month:

We would like to thank these researchers for their contributions:

Di Shen (@returnsme) of KeenLab (@keen_lab), Tencent: CVE-2016-2468
Gal Beniamini (@laginimaineb): CVE-2016-2476
Gengjia Chen (@chengjia4574), pjf (weibo.com/jfpan) of IceSword Lab, Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.: CVE-2016-2492
Hao Chen, Guang Gong, and Wenlin Yang of Mobile Safe Team, Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.: CVE-2016-2470, CVE-2016-2471, CVE-2016-2472, CVE-2016-2473, CVE-2016-2498
Iwo Banas: CVE-2016-2496
Jianqiang Zhao(@jianqiangzhao) and pjf (weibo.com/jfpan) of IceSword Lab, Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.: CVE-2016-2490, CVE-2016-2491
Lee Campbell of Google: CVE-2016-2500
Maciej Szawłowski of the Google Security Team: CVE-2016-2474
Marco Nelissen and Max Spector of Google: CVE-2016-2487
Mark Brand of Google Project Zero: CVE-2016-2494
Mingjian Zhou (@Mingjian_Zhou), Chiachih Wu (@chiachih_wu), and Xuxian Jiang of C0RE Team: CVE-2016-2477, CVE-2016-2478, CVE-2016-2479, CVE-2016-2480, CVE-2016-2481, CVE-2016-2482, CVE-2016-2483, CVE-2016-2484, CVE-2016-2485, CVE-2016-2486
Scott Bauer (@ScottyBauer1): CVE-2016-2066, CVE-2016-2061, CVE-2016-2465, CVE-2016-2469, CVE-2016-2489
Vasily Vasilev: CVE-2016-2463
Weichao Sun (@sunblate) of Alibaba Inc.: CVE-2016-2495
Xiling Gong of Tencent Security Platform Department: CVE-2016-2499
Zach Riggle (@ebeip90) of the Android Security Team: CVE-2016-2493


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