U-Boot v2016.07 released

Tom Rini of Konsulko announced U-Boot v2016.07. Excerpting his announcement:

[…] I’ve released v2016.07 and it’s now live on git and FTP and ACD.  As a possible bonus, the tarball is now signed with my PGP key. Looking over the changes in this release, I would say it’s another good, solid, iterative improvement over the last.  MMC has moved to DM, we have more tests for DM now too.  ARM (32 and 64bit), MIPS, x86 have all seen improvements.  We’ve also switched to mirroring what the Linux Kernel does for “libgcc” type functionality now which should help with supporting the compilers that most distributions ship while still catching the types of errors we want caught.  We’ve moved a few more options over to Kconfig (caught some problems in our tools too) and are once again ready for more.  I think we have enough tests available now (thanks to tbot) that really even the complicated things can be moved over now and verified as correct, it’s just a matter of doing it.  We also have the ability for SPL to load FIT images and thus pick the right DT to pass along to the main U-Boot binary. […]

Full announcement:
More info:

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