Help fund Matthew’s Patreon IoT reviews

I just learned about Matthew Garrret is listed on Patreon, hoping for donations to help review IoT devices. Please help fund Matthew, if you have the ability. Thanks!

Why Matthew is on Patreon
There’s a growing number of Internet of Things devices on the market, from smart lightbulbs through smart coffee makers to smart air fresheners. You plug them all into your network and you communicate with them via your phone. At first glance they may seem like unnecessary toys, but there are many real ways they can improve lives. Smart switches can be an important assistive technology. Internet connected cameras can help people’s sense of security. Heart monitors can aid the design of an appropriate fitness regime. But how secure are they? When you plug in that smart switch, are you actually allowing attackers to gain access to your home network? Is your baby monitor happily streaming the interior of your house to anyone who asks it to? Are your lightbulbs secretly intercepting your website login details? Are your health details accessible to the entire internet? I’m a full time security developer with an extensive experience of embedded hardware and reverse engineering, and I’ve been using that to review devices. The results so far have not been positive – most devices I’ve investigated have been horribly insecure, and in one case my review caused the seller to pull the product. I’d love to carry on making reviews and helping customers make informed choices about whether they’re taking a risk by plugging in one of these smart devices, but these aren’t cheap. This is where you come in. Making a small donation means that I can keep buying devices and reviewing them. You won’t get anything special in return other than a link to the review – security information shouldn’t be restricted to people who pay for it. But it will make it easier for people to know whether there are obvious and terrible security issues with a product, and that’s good for everyone.

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