U-Boot v2016.09-rc1 released

Tom Rini of Konsulko announced the v2016.09-rc1 release of U-Boot, his announcement to the U-Boot list is excerpted below:

It’s release day and v2016.09-rc1 is out and the merge window is closed. I’ve updated git and the tarballs are also up now.  I’ve made an attempt at keeping track of what updated as things went along this time:
– DM / MMC block device clean up, patman improvements
– DM now supports of-platdata for cases where we are very much size constrained.
– Various SPI fixes / improvements
– Arch / SoC / Platform updates: x86, rockchip, sunxi, TI, NXP/FSL, Tegra, Zynq, uniphier
– First round of updates to the PSCI code to make it easier to use.
– mkimage cleanups
– More test.py updates, vboot now a testcase
– Secure boot on MPC85xx.

And of course, other things as well.  Please feel free to chime in if there’s something important I forgot to call out. If you notice any problems with the release, please speak out and thanks all!

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