U-Boot v2016.09-rc2 released

Tom Rini of Konsulko announced the v2016.09-rc2 release of U-Boot. Excerpting most of his announcement:

It’s release day and v2016.09-rc2 is out now.  […]

A short list of changes to come in now are:
– More and various SoC and architecture updates
– Various DM updates and conversions
– PSCI updates
– MAKEALL is gone, buildman is for use by all
– We now have xtensa support
– DT overlays

A non-code change is that now I have Jenkins setup to automatically poll my WIP branches and run test/py/test.py on a few real boards along with sandbox.  I still have some more configuring and cabling to do, and a few more boards I can get setup.

For more info, see the announcement on the u-boot mailing list.

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