CHIPSEC ported to Apple Mac OS X!

Wow, CHIPSEC is ported to Mac OS X! This is great news for Mac owners! CHIPSEC requires a native kernel driver to support CHIPSEC’s HAL. Before this, there was only Linux and Windows HAL drivers for CHIPSEC, so Mac OS X users had to reboot with a Linux-based distro which had CHIPSEC (eg, LUV-live). Live use aside, this also probably means you’ll be able to use CHIPSEC on OS X for offline analysis of blobs.

OSX Driver for Chipsec. This driver is currently in alpha release. It is not signed and you will need to disable the System Integrity Protection to load it. It is only compatible with x86_64 kernels, that is any release >= 10.7. How to:
1. (optional) Build the Driver using Xcode (chipsec.xcodeproj)
2. Turn the System Integrity Protection off: see
3. Reboot and load the driver
   # kextutil chipsec.kext
4. Within the source/tool directory, run:
   # python spi info
   # python spi dump rom.bin
5. Unload the driver

With an OS X port of the CHIPSEC HAL, Apple’s OS is starting to catch up with Linux and Windows. I hope Apple paid @tweksteen for the effort, Apple should have done this port long ago. FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD: time for you to catch up too! 🙂

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