PeiBackdoor: new UEFI payload/backdoor tool

Dmytro Oleksiuk (aka Cr4sh) has created a new UEFI security researcher tool: PeiBackdoor, which hooks into the init code of UEFI. (PEI is the Pre-uEfi-Init phase, before all the UEFI protocols are in place, the init code of UEFI.) It uses Capstone, and requires Windows.

PEI stage backdoor for UEFI compatible firmware

This project implements early stage firmware backdoor for UEFI based firmware. It allows to execute arbitrary code written in C during Pre EFI Init (PEI) phase of Platform Initialization (PI). This backdoor might be useful for low level manipulations with the target platform configuration when the most of the platform configuration registers are not locked yet. […]

PEI backdoor project includes:

* – Python program that allows to infect raw flash images or individual UEFI PEI drivers with the backdoor code.
* PeiBackdoor_IA32.efi, PeiBackdoor_IA32.pdb – 32-bit PEI backdoor binary compiled with ACTIVE_PLATFORM = IA32.
* PeiBackdoor_X64.efi, PeiBackdoor_X64.pdb – 64-bit PEI backdoor binary compiled with ACTIVE_PLATFORM = X64.
* PeiBackdoor.inf – PEI backdoor project configuration for EDK2 build environment.
* config.h – PEI backdoor build options.
* payload.c – Put your own PEI stage code into this source file and call it from Payload() function.
* src/ – Rest of the PEI backdoor code. is using Capstone engine and pefile Python libraries, you need to install them with pip install capstone pefile command.

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