Interesting new project. I wish most modern Linux distros let you control keys in ways like this. Check out the entire web page on Github, nice read for Linux/UEFI even if you don’t plan on using cryptboot.

Encrypted boot partition manager with UEFI Secure Boot support

With encrypted boot partition, nobody can see or modify your kernel image or initramfs. GRUB boot loader supports booting from encrypted boot partition, but you would be still vulnerable to Evil Maid attacks. One possible solution is to use UEFI Secure Boot. Get rid of preloaded Secure Boot keys (you really don’t want to trust Microsoft and OEM), enroll your own Secure Boot keys and sign GRUB boot loader with your keys. Evil maid would be unable to boot modified boot loader (not signed by your keys) and whole attack is prevented. cryptboot simply makes this easy and manageable.

* Linux (x86_64)
* UEFI firmware with enabled Secure Boot
* separate /boot partition encrypted with LUKS
* cryptsetup
* openssl
* efitools
* sbsigntools
* efibootmgr
* grub (grub-efi on Debian based distributions)


And this article points out something else crazy: “but current TrustedGRUB2 doesn’t even support UEFI yet.

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