SPYRUS secure USB drives in some Microsoft Surface devices

Recently SPYRUS, Inc. announced the integration of their NIST 140-2 Level 3 secure USB 3.0 drive family with Microsoft Surface Pro devices.

“SPYRUS is currently the only manufacturer of hardware encrypted Windows To Go products that have successfully integrated support with the Microsoft Surface Pro family of tablets.  The unique feature set, to include provisioning support to boot the Windows To Go in UEFI Secure Boot mode, in conjunction with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification sets a new standard for security features and performance,” said Tom Dickens, SPYRUS COO. “Use cases for these smart drives also dovetail perfectly with the rapidly emerging requirements for collaboration, secure data storage, secure mobile computing, and secure devices with auditable cybersecurity.”

http://www.spyrus.com/windows-to-go-live-drives and http://www.spyrus.com/encrypting-usb-storage/

SPYRUS Announces Integration of Windows to Go and P-3X Product Lines with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and 4


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