U-Boot v2016.09 released

Tom Rini of Konsulko announced the latest release of U-Boot on the u-boot list @lists.denx.de.

– More DM work (MMC, of-platdata for size constrained instances, etc)
– Lots and lots of architecture / SoC / Platform updates: x86, rockchip,
  sunxi, TI, NXP/FSL, Tegra, Zynq, uniphier
– mkimage cleanups
– More test.py updates, vboot now a testcase
– Secure boot work on both ARM and PowerPC.
– PSCI updates
– MAKEALL is gone, buildman is for use by all
– We now have xtensa support
– DT overlays
– More Kconfig migration
– Some NFS fixes

Read the full announcement if you’re able to help U-Boot with testing, they’re looking for some help with their new automated test framework.

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