Lindholm on UEFI driver development

Leif Lindholm has a new blog post, which appears to be the first in a series, on UEFi development. As most UEFI-centric blog posts are often Intel-centric, I’m looking forward to seeing some ARM-centric UEFI topics!

UEFI Driver Development – Part 1

One of the key features of UEFI is that the specification and the APIs/ABIs it guarantees provides the ability to produce portable applications, drivers and libraries (in the form of protocols). On the simpler side, by letting you compile the driver once for each architecture – and on the more space age side by letting you build a single driver that works across all architectures (using EFI Byte Code). The extra magic comes in the form of Option ROM support, which lets plug-in PCI cards keep a driver onboard, informing UEFI to load it on boot. (Any jokes about Forth drivers for Open Firmware go here.) So, having never actually written a UEFI driver from scratch, and most of the drivers I have come across having really been platform drivers, I figured that would be a good start to write a standalone driver from scratch. And the outcome is this slightly hands-on blog post series. This part covers:

* creating a new driver from scratch
* building it as a standalone driver
* loading it from the UEFI Shell
* having it detect the presence of a device it recognizes
* unloading it from the UEFI Shell




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