New UEFI Capsule Update and Recovery sample

Jiewen Yao of Intel checked in a *45-part* patch to the Tianocore project, adding a new UEFi Capsule sample and documentation!

This series patch provides sample on how to do signed capsule update and recovery in EDKII. The feature includes:
1) Define EDKII signed system BIOS capsule format.
2) Provide EDKII signed system BIOS update sample.
3) Provide EDKII signed recovery sample.
4) Provide Microcode update sample for X86 system.
5) Update Quark to use new capsule/recovery solution.
6) Update Vlv2(MinnowMax) to use new capsule/recovery solution.

The signed capsule/recovery solution is in MdeModulePkg. The capsule in IntelFrameworkModulePkg is deprecated. The Microcode update solution is in UefiCpuPkg.

124 files changed, 17848 insertions(+), 384 deletions(-)

For more info, see the full patch:

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