Sequitur Labs’ IoT security checklist

Philip Attfield of Sequitur Labs Inc. wrote an article for IoT Agenda on IoT Security; excerpting a checklist from the article:

* Devices must implement a “root of trust” as a trustworthy measure of integrity and authenticity. A root of trust, once established, is unchangeable and is therefore always reliable and trustworthy.
* Secure interaction between devices on a network is necessary. Implement mechanisms enabling mutual device authentication.
* Isolation and separation are well-accepted principles of security. Isolating sensitive information such as encryption keys, proprietary algorithms or other information raises the difficulty level for an attacker and minimizes the impact of a breach.
* Separate application functions critical to security. Execute such functions in isolated and secured memory regions to prevent compromise.
* Choose hardware platforms that include tamper resistance features. Such features protect against physical device tampering by destroying critical information such as encryption keys before hackers are able to access them.

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