PVS-Studio blog on bugs in GRUB


What’s Hiding Inside the GNU Boot Loader? Searching for Bugs in Grub
PVS-Studio analyzer continues to explore and adapt to the Linux platform. Today we will take a look at the bugs that the tool managed to find in the Grub boot loader. In this article, we will talk about the results of analysis of the boot loader for Unix-like operating systems, known as Grub. This program was developed by Erich Boleyn and comes as part of the GNU Project. GRUB is a reference boot loader implementation compliant with the Multiboot specification and is able to boot any compliant operating system. The Grub project is written in C and has been already checked by other analyzers, including Coverity, so you wouldn’t expect to find any unchecked code fragments in a project like that. PVS-Studio analyzer, however, did manage to catch a few interesting bugs. […]

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