EoP vulnerability in Intel SSD Toolbox

Exercpting Intel’s Security Advisory:

Vulnerability in Intel SSD Toolbox allows authenticated users to elevate privileges via updater subsystem
Intel ID:      INTEL-SA-00061
Product family:      Intel® Solid-State Drive Consumer, Professional, Embedded and Data Center
Impact of vulnerability:      Elevation of Privilege
Severity rating:      Important
Original release:      Oct 04, 2016

The vulnerability allows a potentially malicious 3rd party to gain the highest possible elevation of privilege level in the Operating System. The root cause of the vulnerability has been identified as an implementation bug in the updater subsystem of the Intel SSD Toolbox. Intel strongly recommends customers impacted by this issue to upgrade to the latest version listed in the table above. This issue was reported to Intel by Florian Bogner @ Kapsch BusinessCom AG.



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