UEFI Forum publishes plugfest presentation PDFs

Recently the UEFI Forum had a plugfest. They just uploaded the slides of the presentations. I think the videos are expected in a few weeks as well.

UEFI Fall Plugfest – September 20-22, 2016
* Redfish Configuration of UEFI HII Settings – Mike Rothman (Intel) and Samer El Haj Mahmoud (Lenovo)
* Out of Band BIOS Remote Management – Matthew Krysiak (AMI)
* UEFI Forum Update – Dong Wei (HPE)
* Microsoft UEFI Security Updates – Scott Anderson, Suhas Manangi, Nate Nunez, Jeremiah Cox, and Michael Anderson (Microsoft)
* Tianocore 2016 Updates -Tony Mangefeste (Intel)
* UEFI Network and Security Update – Vincent Zimmer (Intel)
* Updated TCG TPM 2.0 Specs – Dick Wilkins (Phoenix Technologies Ltd.)
* ARM Trusted Firmware ARM UEFI SCT Update – Charles Garcia-Tobin (ARM)


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