CPP-UEFI-Wrapper is a new project to create a C++ wrapper for C-centric UEFI. It is just getting started, not yet ready for use.


C++ UEFI Wrapper:
This project is a C++ wrapper for the UEFI specification, intended for people who write UEFI applications (OS loaders, shells, etc.) The project is composed of two parts, 1) The low-level wrapper, that uses structs and pointers to directly implement the UEFI specification. and 2) The high-level, object-oriented wrapper, that uses classes to represent various UEFI protocols. Features:
* Uses modern C++14 features (constexpr, static_assert, strongly typed enums).
* Mainly intended for UEFI applications, not UEFI drivers or firmwares.
* Relies on some C/C++ headers, but does not require a hosted standard library (obviously).

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