U-Boot gets improved testing

Tom Rini of Konsulko posted an 8-part patch to the U-Boot list, improving their CI infrastrucute. It is nice to see firmware projects with improved testing!

[PATCH 0/8] Various travis-ci improvements

The following series does a few things with our existing travis-ci infrastructure.  We update to the latest Ubuntu release that is supported (there are only 2 Linux host choices) and make use of toolchains that are available that way when possible and fix building of x86.  I added in microblaze and sh4 and xtensa to the build loop (I left out blackfin and openrisc as they have compile problems currently in general). The biggest change here is that I’ve added support for test.py running on qemu-x86, qemu-ppce500, qemu-mips*, vexpress_ca15_tc2, vexpress_ca9x4, and integratorcp_cm926ejs along with sandbox.

This final part is I think the most important.  With this change all it now takes to have some build coverage and some test.py coverage is a github account.  You can then login to travis-ci.org that, click a few things and get build and test coverage with minimal effort now.  It takes about 2 hours in its current configuration but could easily be cut down in ones personal repository for quicker test cycles.  And for the record, in addition to email notifications by default one will have https://api.travis-ci.org/repos/USERNAME/u-boot/builds.atom available as an atom feed, in addition to the numerous other notification methods available.


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