New UEFI patch that Enables SMM page level protection.

Jiewen Yao of Intel submitted a 6-part patch to Tianocore which adds SMM security. It appears it is the first version of the patch.

This series patch enables SMM page level protection. Features are:
1) PiSmmCore reports SMM PE image code/data information in EdkiiPiSmmMemoryAttributeTable, if the SMM image is page aligned.
2) PiSmmCpu consumes EdkiiPiSmmMemoryAttributeTable and set XD for data page and RO for code page.
3) PiSmmCpu enables Static Paging for X64 according to PcdCpuSmmStaticPageTable. If it is true, 1G paging for above 4G is used as long as it is supported.
4) PiSmmCpu sets importance data structure to be read only, such as Gdt, Idt, SmmEntrypoint, and PageTable itself.

tested platform:
1) Intel internal platform (X64).
2) EDKII Quark IA32
3) EDKII Vlv2  X64
4) EDKII OVMF IA32 and IA32X64.

  MdeModulePkg/Include: Add PiSmmMemoryAttributesTable.h
  MdeModulePkg/dec: Add gEdkiiPiSmmMemoryAttributesTableGuid.
  MdeModulePkg/PiSmmCore: Add MemoryAttributes support.
  UefiCpuPkg/dec: Add PcdCpuSmmStaticPageTable.
  UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Add paging protection.
  QuarkPlatformPkg/dsc: enable Smm paging protection.
 36 files changed, 4513 insertions(+), 798 deletions(-)

For more information, see the posting on the edk2-devel list:

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