MapleSyrup: ARM security tool

Maplesyrup Register Display Tool:
Maplesyrup is a tool that can be used to help determine the security state of an ARM-based device by examining the system register interface of the CPU. Maplesyrup is for anyone who has low level access to a handset or single-board PC running an ARMv7A/v8A based processor and is interested in knowing the register level configuration of their CPU at OS runtime. These registers contain featureset and security information that may influence operation of the system kernel and running applications. Linux provides featureset and platform information to the user in the /proc and /sys filesystems, but the configurations governing how these features operate is sometimes hidden to the user. In some cases, the OS will make use of the information to conform to implementation specific features and not indicate this to the user. In other cases, these features may not be managed by the operating system at all, but nevertheless could potentially affect the operation of the system by configuring how a CPU controls access to security domains, executes specific instructions, and handles CPU exceptions.[…]


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