Libreboot and the GNU project

Over the last few months, the Libreboot project has been having some issues with the GNU project. Quoting the Libreboot home page:

FSF, GNU and RMS: Libreboot is no longer a GNU project. Please honour this immediately, and formally declare that libreboot is no longer a GNU project. Leah is *NOT* stepping down as Libreboot’s maintainer, she is simply taking Libreboot away from GNU. Libreboot will still be developed as always, under the same standards of freedom as before, just *without GNU*. She has not forked libreboot.

Cat herding is difficult. I could see how the FSF would have issues with not having Libreboot, GRUB and GNU/Linux as part of their “full stack”.

One thought on “Libreboot and the GNU project

  1. leah rowe is just one person. although i have my own reasons for boycotting the fsf (im still a free software advocate and free software author) and i find a tone-deaf response from the fsf plausible, they appear to be handling this as best they can– assuming of course, that theyre being honest. for now im leaning towards that assumption.

    libreboot is a team of people that leah is (according to fellow libreboot contributor damien zammit) currently speaking for, except that she is conflating her own message with theirs– the message is: john sullivan should step down, two others should be fired, and the fsf lied. at libreboot there appears to be no consensus on this.

    also of note is that libreboot is a derivative of coreboot– it is a de-blobbed coreboot. so while leah rowe may be the “lead” of the project, politics may lead to the gnu project finding other options.

    but for now, the story is incomplete. the fsf probably isnt allowed to say as much as leah rowe is saying, and there are some heavy accusations being thrown by one person from libreboot– but no others. you cant judge the fsf for 3 people, nor libreboot for 1, is the basic idea here.


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