SMM training at WhiskeyCon



This course is for people who want to find out more information about the most privileged and mysterious operating mode of x86 processors: System Management Mode. You will learn what it actually is, how to get there and what can be done by an attacker once his code is executed in SMM. Are there SMM rootkits in the wild? How feasible it is to create such rootkit? Can a kernel mode antivirus or a hypervisor protect against attacks from SMM? Can SMM rootkit be detected using memory forensics? Can you put an ultimate antivirus in SMM to fight SMM and kernel mode rootkits? We will cover these topics in much detail. There will be many lab exercises which will help you to better understand the ideas and techniques. By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of SMM security principles. You will also have a hands-on experience with implementing and detecting SMM rootkits.

Look at the site for more about the author and the daily schedule.

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