FSF increases focus on firmware

The Free Software Foundation has updated their list of Campaigns, which includes mention of reversing firmware, and a blob-free version of Coreboot:

Reverse engineering projects.
We haven’t analyzed these in detail yet, but more broadly free drivers and free firmware (the goals of nearly all of the listed projects) have all four of our characteristics. Reverse engineering is one way to obtain free drivers and firmware, but the ideal is for manufacturers to publish full specifications and ship free drivers and free firmware, and this is what users should demand. We may want to reframe this page around free drivers, firmware, and hardware designs, noting priority reverse engineering tasks, but also encouraging users to make requests to vendors. The page also lists Replicant, a free version of Android. Phone operating systems were one of the most popular suggestions and merit their own entry (see potential additions below).

A free BIOS has at least the universal and frontier characteristics. Several people suggested adding “and Libreboot,” the project to ship a version of Coreboot with no blobs, pushing further in the frontier direction. We intend to take this suggestion. We are also discussing whether to move this listing to the reframed page about free drivers, firmware, and hardware designs mentioned above.
Free software drivers for network routers.
The text of this listing concerns mesh networking, which may be too narrow to satisfy our criteria. In general free drivers for network routers probably meet the universal and frontier criteria, but it may make sense to fold this listing into a listing/page concerning free drivers and firmware for a large category of hardware (see reverse engineering above).



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