Phoronix has a new article about librecore, a free-as-in-freedom firmware project:

librecore is a distribution of Free/Libre firmware recipes for compiling and generating firmware for devices. The intended targets for the firmware include only those which can be run in total freedom by the user. This means that librecore firmware is distributed as source code, and does not include any binary blobs. The purpose of this project is to push the limits of software freedom in boot firmware. librecore is free firmware not unlike coreboot however with a different focus. While we collaborate with coreboot and share mature code to further these goals, our focus is more around maintainability and feature completeness of more libre hardware platforms such as POWER, SPARC, RISC-V and other non-x86 ISA’s.

Read the Reddit thread and the Phoronix Forums for more background beyond the main article.:

“[…]I am one of the core developers of librecore and I can confidently say everything you wrote in your article about our project is complete speculative garbage. The librecore and libreboot projects are completely independent projects that have no relationship what-so-ever. The librecore project is a fork from coreboot by some original coreboot developers such as myself with different technical objectives.[…]”

(Not to be confused with librecores (plural):

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