Tianocore BIOS setup authentication password patch

Jiewen Yao of Intel posted a V2 patch to the EDK2-devel list, adding new user authentication to Tianocore, including SMM interaction.

==== V2 ====
1) Add SmmCommunicationBufferProtocol dependency.
2) Cleanup header file and copyright to 2017.
3) Add missing UserAuthenticationSmm.uni.
4) Rename KeyLib.h/c to KeyService.h/c to avoid confusing.

This series patch adds password support in EDKII. This password based user authentication is to verify user when a user
wants to enter BIOS setup page. The detail information is added in [PATCH 5/6].

CryptoPkg:SmmCryptLib: Add real Pkcs5Pbkdf2.c.
SecurityPkg/dec: Add PcdPasswordCleared.
SecurityPkg/include: Add PlatformPasswordLib lib class.
SecurityPkg/PlatformPasswordLibNull: Add PlatformPasswordLib instance.
SecurityPkg/Password: Add Password based UserAuthentication modules.
SecurityPkg/dsc: add Password authentication module.

24 files changed, 2768 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

More info:

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