clr-boot-manager: Clear Linux’s UEFI boot manager

clr-boot-manager exists to enable the correct maintainence of vendor kernels and appropriate garbage collection tactics over the course of upgrades. The implementation provides the means to enable correct cohabitation on a shared boot directory, such as the EFI System Partition for UEFI-booting operating systems. Special care is taken to ensure the ESP is handled gracefully, and in the instance that it is not already mounted, then clr-boot-manager will automatically discover and mount it, and automatically unmount the ESP again when it is complete. Clr-boot-manager is designed to operate solely with GPT disks, and exclusively uses PARTUUID. Generated boot entries also contain the PARTUUID in their root= command line, as part of a merge of the vendor provided cmdline files for default options.
Copyright © 2016-2017 Intel Corporation

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