OnePlus bootloader vulnerabilities


Owning a Locked OnePlus 3/3T: Bootloader Vulnerabilities
Feb 08, 2017 • Roee Hay
In this blog post I disclose two vulnerabilities in the OnePlus 3/3T bootloader. The first one, CVE-2017-5626, is a critical severity vulnerability affecting OxygenOS 3.2-4.0.1 (4.0.2 is patched). The vulnerability allows for a physical adversary (or one with ADB/fastboot access) to bypass the bootloader’s lock state, even when Allow OEM Unlocking is disabled, without user confirmation and without triggering a factory reset. This vulnerability allows for kernel code execution (albeit with a 5 seconds warning upon boot). The second vulnerability, CVE-2017-5624, affecting all versions of OxygenOS to date (Feb 10 UPDATE: OxygenOS 4.0.3, released Feb 09, seems to be patched), allows the attacker to disable dm-verity. The combination of the vulnerabilities enables a powerful attack – persistent highly privileged code execution without any warning to the user and with access to the original user’s data (after the victim enters his credentials). Both issues were responsibly disclosed to and acknowledged by OnePlus Security. The first vulnerability, CVE-2017-5626, was reported on January 23rd. It was also found independently by a OnePlus engineer. CVE-2017-5624, reported on January 16th, should be fixed in a future OxygenOS release – the reason for its today’s public disclosure is because someone already published it on January 24th. Disclaimer: I tested the vulnerabilities on OnePlus 3 only, but OnePlus 3T contains the vulnerable code too.[…[


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